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Help protect your cat against intestinal worms and fleas with Dronspot Spot-on Wormer for cats and Advantage Spot-on flea treatment.
Ever wonder why your cat chooses to sleep on your computer, head or top of the fridge? These 6 factors explain how cats choose their perfect spot.
Providing up to 8 months of flea and tick protection for your pet.

How to Maintain Your Pet’s Health | My Pet and I

Let's keep your pets healthy. You want the best for your pet, and so do we. Get expertly-crafted guides and professional tips to help make sure your pet is healthy (and happy, too).

How to Maintain Your Cat's Health | My Pet and I

Let's keep your cat healthy. Healthy cats are happy cats. That’s why our team of vets have created expert guides on how to keep your cat healthy.

How to Maintain Your Dog's Health | My Pet and I

Let's keep your dog healthy. Healthy dogs are happy dogs. Our team of experts has worked hard to provide tips on how to keep your dog healthy– because your dog’s wellness is as important to us as it is to you.