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Six ways to get rid of cat fleas

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Follow these six simple steps to make sure your home is flea-free for good.

Fleas might be irritating for your cat but they sometimes seem like a much bigger problem for you once they start invading your home.
Follow our fail-safe steps on how to get rid of cat fleas from your pet, your home and you.

The fleas you spot on your cat represent around 5% of the total number that’s probably already in your house. With eggs, larvae and pupae likely already scattered over carpets, upholstery, bedding, car seats and just about everywhere else, a flea infestation can quickly take over your life. What’s more, fleas breed quickly, which means taking control of the situation can get out of hand if you don’t move fast.
To get rid of fleas for good, you’ll need to do all of these steps at least once, one after the other, until the problem has gone. It’s not easy, it’s not cheap, and it’s not nice… But stick to these six steps and you’ll soon be back in control of your home.

  1. Treat your pet
    Treating your pet is always the first step in beating a flea infestation... And if you do it regularly, you’ll never have a problem in the first place. Using an effective spot-on treatment like Advantage is the best way to get rid of fleas on cats. Make a note of when you give the first dose as you need to reapply at least every four weeks.

  2. Clean your pet’s bedding
    You can vacuum your pet’s bedding but it’s better to wash it at the hottest temperature the material can take. Tumble drying on the highest temperature that the fabric can withstand will also help.

  3. Wash everything else
    Strip any beds and cushion covers and also wash and dry them as hot as possible. The same applies to any clothes and laundry (it’s usually when you’re faced with nuking your favourite sweater that you really start to hate fleas…).

  4. Vacuum, vacuum again and then vacuum a bit more
    To get rid of cat fleas in the home you need to vacuum all carpets and soft furnishings like sofas every other day for at least three weeks. Bad infestations may take longer. Pay attention to cracks in skirting boards, corners and behind beds – this is where the eggs and larvae are probably lurking, as well as any flea dirt that might be acting as a food source for juvenile fleas.

  5. Clean the vacuum
    Eggs can get caught in the vacuum cleaner and can hang around in the bag or the cyclone for months. Empty the machine thoroughly, and if you’re using a bagless vacuum, clean any washable parts with hot water.

  6. Spray or fog
    After vacuuming for the first time, use an anti-flea spray or fogger in affected rooms to kill any adult fleas and larvae the vacuum might have missed. Follow the instructions on the packaging about dosage and frequency, and make sure you keep your pet (and family) away from the chemicals while they’re at work. You may need to do a top-up treatment to catch any eggs that haven’t hatched yet.

To get rid of cat fleas for good, you need to prevent them from jumping on your pets in the first place. Find out about the best flea prevention and treatments available here.